Re we responsible for anything that we do or is everything we do caused by external factors?

Take a position. ours will be Compatibilism.
I am faxing the outline structure from the instructor, if you make one full page following I-V this may help in the requirements ( I-V located on Fax sent).
Debate Free Will
-Come up with a Stategt to address the question
-Strongly advise to follow outline structure
-Provide an explicit position
-Argue why you are for Compatibilism in addresing the Question (located in the paper topic box).
-Answer the question as a third person
-Know the Authors position and defend it
-know the background of the Author or philosopher
-Focus only on the references that can be used
-No external references can be used
-maximum three lines of quotes, if used think of how you are introducing it and explain it by the Author or philosopher view in your own words
-summary of the argument
-counter argument your thesis, refute
-use your thesis as your counter argument (hypathetical responce, what position does the author take
-Need to know both sides of the argument
-Need a ruff draft
Compatibilism definition by instructor:
1) Action are free beacause your choice is based on your own desires, without someone telling you what to do
2)your actions are compatible with your past history events in your brain etc.
3)your actions are even compatible with your desires being caused by factors beyond your control
4)Free will and determinism are compatable
References that can only be used for this essay:De Holbach Are we Cogs in the Universe”, James The Dilemma of Determinism”, E.M. Forster The Machine Stops, Oedipus Rex Sophocles
Hobbes, Leviathan for counter Argument