Re wireless networks good enough to support real-time traffic for industrial control applications? A Survey

Please present your essay as clearly as possible because it also servers as demonstration of your understanding to the investigated topic which is a requirement for the assignment.

This assignment requires you to critically reflect and analysis on whether or not the current enabling wireless technologies are advanced/mature enough to deliver reliable and timely communication services for industrial control applications. To offer convincing answers to this assignment question, you are expected to find a few major technologies and/or effective/efficient approaches recently published in literature, in order to collect relevant data/evidences to backup your discussion, argument (debate) and/or conclusions. For this, you may have to spend many hours searching the relevant literatures from different sources (e.g., papers from journals/conference proceedings, articles from relevant websites). A good site for literature searching is Google Scholar at where you can type in carefully-selected and most relevant key words in order to find out the most relevant papers/articles.

Your essay should normally include the following sections:

1.The Cover/Title page: one page only, bearing the title of this assignment, your name, an abstract of up to 200 words.

2.An introduction to brief introduce and review the major techniques (schemes, algorithms, and/or approaches) reported in literature, which support timely and reliable delivery of real-time control packets in wireless networks for industrial control applications. You need to identify different approaches/techniques proposed for tackling real-time control traffic in wireless industrial control environments. The brief literature review conducted must be mostly relevant to the title (due to the limited space granted). All referenced materials should be listed under the a?Referencesa? section at the end of your essay).

3.Critical evaluation of these approaches. You need to argue about the strengths and weaknesses of each different approach, the suitability/applicability of each approach in delivering timely and reliable wireless communication services for industrial control applications. Your evaluation/analysis should be critical. For this section, you are encouraged to include a set of tables for purpose of comparing and/or contrasting various features of these approaches/techniques used for ensuring timely and reliable transmission of time-sensitive control packets. You are required to give detailed comparison of the benefits and limitations of each approach in terms of their ability in supporting the timeliness and reliability. Your comparison should be critical and emphasize on the underlying techniques employed. A discussion of your own view of the good/bad solutions is necessary, and you should justify your view largely based on your critical evaluation, together with reference to other authorsa views which may be used to back up your arguments and conclusions.

Have you found some weak aspects of the proposed approaches? If you have, discuss these weak aspects as thoroughly as possible and make sure that your criticisms are well organised and presented!

4.Issues/problems/further improvement areas identified. You are encouraged to identify any unsolved problems and /or briefly present your own ideas on any improved/enhanced solutions (based on any reported solution) in the topic area. Rough ideas on how to solve the identified problem(s), if any, are welcome. Do you have any ideas or suggestions on improvement of the proposed methods or a solution to some identified problem? Justify your suggestions if you have got any.

5.Conclusions in which you briefly summarise the main results achieved from your evaluation of the sought approaches.

6.References a under which all used reference sources should be listed.