Re you agree or disagree that video games affest kids of healthy and education.

I want you to write by fallow the steps that i post down, when you finish we will write longer research which will be relate to this research and will be more pages.

*Information about the review of your research: The majority of this review will be written at the end of the project. It should be about 2 pages, double-spaced, and address the following: 1) Your initial thoughts about the topic and question you decided to research; 2) The conclusions youave drawn about your research question. (Your understanding should be more refined than your initial thoughts by this point); 3) 2-3 paragraphs describing how your sources conversed (i.e. work together for your topic); and 4) What research you would still need to do in order to better answer your research question.

*Information about the five bibliographical entries:
1)Each bibliographical entry will include
a citation (MLA style)
a summary of the source (one paragraph)
an assessment of the source (one paragraph)
a reflection on the source (one paragraph), describing how it addresses or answers your research question and what makes it different from and/or better than other sources.
2)You need to have at least three scholarly sources.
3)Although web sources are permissible (assuming they are reliable sources), there should be a variety of source material represented here. Using unreliable sources will negatively impact your grade on this project.
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