Re Youth Indifferent to News and Politics

Reading: Alexander/Hanson, pp. 350-366

Check the attached file for rubric and assigned readings.

Write a single-spaced, 1-page persuasive paper that states your position, develops supporting points for your argument, and incorporates at least one academically credible outside source.

Narrow the scope of the issue.
Avoid using propaganda to make your case.
Support your position with rational thought, illustrative examples and discussion.
Include a full bibliographic citation for your credible, outside source at the bottom of the your paper. No separate works cited page needed.
Use MLA style in-text or parenthetical attribution for ideas summarized, paraphrase, or quoted from outside source.
Avoid tagging on the required source toward the end of the paper. Incorporate it into the body of your argument.
Avoid rehashing ideas from the reading assignment. Make the bulk of the paper your argument and discussion of the issue at hand.