Reading summaries(~500 each) 1 essay plan(250)

Part A: Two summaries (1000 words, approx 500 words each)
**Part A contain 2 references, one from theoretical text and one from suggest readings.**
Part B: Short Essay Plan(200-300 words)
**Part B contain a minimum of 5 references, one is the related theoretical text and 4 or more suggest readings.**

” Part A requires the submission of 2 summaries, approx 500 words each, one must be from the theoretical reading, and one from the suggested reading list below.
” in essay format (intro, discussion, conclusion).
” A summary is just explaining the authors main arguments we dont want you to then offer your own opinion of their argument, a summary should preserve the authors principal themes and be given in a clear and concise manner.

” Part B The essay plan (the remaining 200-300 words) can boost a students mark depending on how much detail and coherence it shows.
” The essay plan does not have to be in an essay format (the word count really does not permit this). It can be in point form (or long form if the student prefers).
” Student should map out the main themes in their argument, they could highlight which additional texts they may be using and explain briefly why they are pertinent. Students could also highlight any issues that might be complex or difficult to resolve in their response to the essay question.
” The aim of the essay plan is to show that critical assessment of the essay question has begun and that the proposed argument is heading in the right direction.

****Qustion and topic & reading lists see question 2.png from attached files*********