Readings!!-Francine Proses Voting Democracy off the Islandand James Harolds a?A Moral Never-Never Land: Identifying with Tony Soprano,a?

Write a three-to-four-page essay on the following topic. Make sure you have a clear, complex thesis that outlines the goal of your essay and that lends itself to an original reading of the literature. To support your ideas, provide specific quotations from the text. Use MLA citation format and include a title and a works cited page.

Though Francine Prose writes about the effects of reality TV in a?Voting Democracy off the Island,a? and James Haroldas subject is The Sopranos, which is scripted TV show, the two authors make opposite claims about how entertainment affects our morality. Prose writes that reality TV shows a?affect the views and values of the audience that tune in week after weeka¦[and] cannot help but have a desensitizing effect.a? Consider Haroldas argument in his essay. How would he respond to Prose? Write an essay that explores these two authoras opinions and explore where they might agree or disagree.