Readings!!!) The Declaration of Independenceby Thomas Jefferson AND Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutionsby Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Write a three to four page essay on one of the following topics. Make sure you have a clear clear thesis that outlines the goal of your essay and that lends itself to an original reading of the literature. to support your ideas, provide specific quotations from the text. Use MLA citation format and include a works cited page.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton doesnt merely reference Thomas Jeffersons Declaration of Independence”, in her Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions,but she models her document, in both its layout and content, directly off of his. For this paper, write an argument stating what Cady Stanton gains from doing this. You will need to analyze her text as well as Jeffersons to support your claim.

****** THE THESIS HAS TO BE-Stanton argues that Jeffersons Declaration is incomplete and she seeks to complete it”**********
^Can be reworded.
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