Reamworks management and company strategies

Section 3 (on instruction paper):
One and a half pages on:
Recording the companys (Dreamworks) mission statement
Vision Statement
Discuss your opinion and experiences regarding the vision and mission statement, rationalize

Section 4 (on instruction paper): Strategy management
One and a half pages on:
Discussing the companys (Dreamworks) overall strategy management
Specifically in the following areas
-strategic goals
-strategic formulation
-strategic alternatives (stability, growth, enrichment)

If possible, can you find sources on the database navigation on blackboard
By logging into black board, clicking Libraryon the top page bar, then left hand side click Findthen Database”. Lastly, click Company and industrythen search on that navigation system.
-if this is not possible, anything else works as well it just would be better for instructions.

Thank you!