Reat Expectations, does it guid readers to make moral judgements about characters while allowing sympathetic involvement in their experiences?

Discuss the extent to which you agree that The novel guides readers to make moral judgments about characters while allowing sympathetic involvement in their experience Do this in relation to Great expectations by Charles Dickens.

You need to show your understanding of the characteristics of the realist novel genre in relation to a thematic question, You will need to consider the extent to which Great Expectations attempts to encourage readers towards moral judgements and how far it relies on narrative techniques associated with literary realism to achieve this, Similarly you will need to explore characterisation and character development in the novel discussing how far you agree with the proposition that the reader is allowed sympathetic involvement with characters and how much this depends on the use of realist techniques or whether non realist techniques also play a part.
Discussion must focus not just on content, but more importantly on how the author uses narrative techniques to explore moral issues and characterisation. you must discuss, comment on and analyse those techniques. You need to illuminate your discussion with specific examples from Great Expectations.
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (Oxford World Classics) The Realist Novel Ed Dennis Walder (Open University)