Reat Gatsby, Animal farm or When I Whistle

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The question is:

*Using The Great Gatsby, Animal Farm or When I Whistle.

Essay Topic: Discuss how two of the writers you have studied utilized the protagonist and antagonist characters in their novels and for what effect?

I do not mind what novels are used to answer this question as long as it is 2.

I would best do me good if sourcing a resource that suggests what characters in the novels used are seen to be the protagonist and antagonist. For example, a source that shows nick is highly seen as the protagonist character in The Great Gastby comes from the source cliffnotes.

Easy on the vocabulary. keep it simple please.

Thesis statement is needed.

3-4 Analytical points is great in the body of the essay.


Bibilography to site sources

3 pages approx. Do not exceed 800 words.