Reat women politicians (or powerful women in politics)

There needs to be used the range of the sources :at least 4 books, some websites, some academic articles and some audio or videosources for the references of the essay. The websites such as Wikipedia or the essay ,slides made by somebody or something like those… cannot be used. The websites must be reliable and contents copyright. The number of words (1000) includes text references but does not include bobliography. Bibliography is the separate number of the words.After every text, citation or idea written by somebody else there should be a reference even if the text was paraphrased or only the idea was taken from the source. There must not be used personal words like I think so, in my opinion, according to my opinion.The word Icannot be used at all in the essay.It should be written from the essay like this essay suggests, this essay supposes,according to the essay. All the arguments need to be given and then supported by the references.Accordingly the essays own thoughts and arguments need to be given.The structure of the essay is general:introduction,main body and conclusion.The main part of information shoud be paraphrased but quotesNeeds to be used as well.Quotes can be used only if it is definition or citation or if you want to save the exact meaning.The allowed number of words in one quotation is maximum 25 words only and no more than 25.More number of sources (more than 10) is ok but not less. The structure of the essay intro ,body , concl ,thesis statement (in introduction),topic sentences and paragraph strructure need to be strong because it is english subject assignment.There must be no any plagiarism in this essay.Harvard style of referencing must be used in bibliography as well as in text references.The bibliography needs to include all the text references.All text references need to be placed in the true places to understand which information you used from which sources exactly.Also thesis statement needs to be strong in introduction-the aim the purpose of the essay and what you want to find out or to explain in this essay or what you gonna talk about.