Reat Works of Western Philosophy pre-final paper 2

4 Proofs of the existence of God
” Be able to compare and contrast the following arguments for the existence of God.
4.1 Aristotle
” Be able to explain and outline Aristotle s argument about the unmoved mover.
” What is God to Aristotle? Be able to discuss this in relation to various proofs of the existence of God presented elsewhere in the course.
4.2 Saint Anselm
” Anselm devised a proof for the existence of God which has come to be known as the ontological proof.
” Be able to outline the proof and explain the various criticisms of it.
4.3 Aquinas
” Aquinas provides five cosmological arguments know what all five are and what they presuppose.
” Know what criticisms have been made about the cosmological argument.
5 Descartes
” Be able to concisely explain what Descartes process of  methodic doubt involves.
” Be able to explain the relation between the method and Descartes main conclusions in the Meditations.
” Be able to explain the role of the piece of wax example in Descartes Meditations.
6 Hobbes
” Know the central features of a Hobbesian  state of nature .
” Know the five characteristics of the state of nature.
” Know how the  state of nature relates to sovereign authority.
” Know what the mechanisms necessary to institute a sovereign are according to Hobbes and how this relates to the  state of nature .
” Know what the Prisoner s Dilemma is and how it relates to the Laws of Nature.