Reat Works of Western Philosophy:Discuss Thomas Aquinass criticisms of the view that Gods existence is self-evident

Discuss Thomas Aquinass criticisms of the view that Gods existence is self-evident. Explain how
Aquinass criticisms apply to Anselms ontological argument for the existence of God. Then, using one
(and only one) of Aquinass own proofs as an example, show how Aquinass approach to proving Gods
existence differs from Anselms. Comment critically on whether or not Aquinass approach constitutes
an improvement over Anselms. Argue for your position.

Instructions on Essay Content:
” State your aim clearly at the outset.
” Include only material that is relevant to your aim.
” Be selective in what you choose to report from the articles referred to in the topic. Use your
judgement on what material is most important for the purposes of your essay.
” Leave yourself enough space to mount a proper defense of your position (i.e. an argument for it).
Your opinion is only as important as the reasons you can give in its defense.
” Direct quotations should be kept brief (one or two sentences) and used only for the purpose of
illustrating points you have already encapsulated in your own words.
” Use in-text references of the (<author>, <page #>) format whenever you directly quote or
paraphrase from the text.
” A separate Works Cited list is unnecessary if your only sources are the articles mentioned in the
topic. However, any use of outside sources must be properly documented and included in a Works
Cited list at the end of the essay. Please note that consultation with outside sources is unnecessary
for this essay, and may even prove to be a distraction.