Reate a report analysing two specific strategy tensions of an organisation of your choice

Module Assignment Briefing

Create a report analysing two specific strategy tensions of an organisation of your choice.

Your report needs to critically assess whether the current and proposed future strategies of the selected company are appropriate to competitive and regulatory conditions in this industry, and whether current strategic assumptions need to be revisited.

You should critically evaluate the companyas recent performance, and its current & intended operational and market strategies, and also consider whether its resource present configuration is likely to enable it to create and sustain long term competitive advantage.

Your critical analysis should make explicit use of any TWO of the strategic paradoxes examined as part of this module, including at least one dichotomy relating to the contents and contexts of strategy development. For example:-

1. To what extent does the company follow collaboration and co-operation perspectives & activities to gain competitive advantage? Are such networks managed appropriately? (Ch 7)

2. To what extent has the companyas strategy been driven by either outside-in versus inside-out logic? Which perspective should it deploy? (ch 5)

3. Does the company develop a business model distinctively different from its competitors? Or does industry logic largely determine the firmas strategy? (ch 8)

4. Does managementas leadership style overall demonstrate either a?controla or managed a?chaosa? (Ch 9).

The strategy dichotomies you choose to select should be those which best enable you to critically evaluate your companyas strategies using a number of perspectives, and you should therefore include comments which explain and justify your specific choice of strategic tensions.

You may use published case study sources, but if you do so please recognise they tend to be outdated, you should always access contemporary & current sources of reporting, analysis & commentary on the industry & your company. Make sure you fully reference all data and sources.

The course teaching materials & textbooks provide core sources with which to understand the theoretical perspectives, make sure you appropriately reference authors & their viewpoints.

Your style should consist of clear points, developed by analysis, data sources or quotes. Your report should have a concise and readable style, and you should arrive at clearly stated conclusions.

Marking criteria:
a? Quality of analysis (including logic and flow of argument): 30 marks
a? Academic standard (use of appropriate subject knowledge): 30 marks
a? Use of appropriate supporting data and proper referencing: 30 marks
a? Presentation: 10 marks

Referencing Requirements:
Assessment task:

For an organisation of your choice consider two critical strategic dilemmas and devise appropriate strategic responses.

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This assessment element is to be submitted by hard copy and through Turnitin. You will find a link to the Turnitin Assignment from the Assessments area of the Blackboard course menu.

You will need to ensure that your assessment is uploaded as a single document, and in the correct format (e.g. a Word document or PDF a the acceptable file formats are displayed on screen when you come to submit via Turnitin).

When submitting, please enter your student ID number in the a?submission titlea? box. The document itself should contain your student ID number in a header or footer; your name should not be visible on the work.

Turnitin generates an Originality Report, and you are encouraged to make use of this facility as a support tool to help you ensure the source material in your assignment is correctly referenced before final submission.

You will be able to submit revised drafts of your work up until the assignment due date. Only the final version will be marked by your tutor.

At the due date and time, no further submissions or changes are possible. Whatever is in the Turnitin inbox at this time will be regarded as your final submission.