Reate a Research Proposal and Preliminary Reference Page

Hello I have used you before with my criminal justice paper. I really like your work i would like to continue using you if thats ok. As you know i do school online with Ashford University. From the main website the log in to the student portal is User Name-MIPRIM7596 PasswordMtrimis88.Once you log in there will be a drop down menu of classes click ENG122 enter classroom. This will be the week 3 assignment. This paper being with saying Scope and nature of the problem”. I am alittle confused myself because i dont know what Problemthey are talking about. maybe you can help me with that please. You can also use the Ashford library all the way on teh bottom of the drop down where the classes show. here are the directions for the paper. Please log in to get a a better look at the instructions for the paper. If there are any problems let me know. Thank You

Research Proposal a Your research paper will be two to three pages in length, (excluding the title and reference pages) formatted in proper APA style, and will include the following:
Scope and nature of the problem
Specific claim (modified from your claim submitted in Step One, if necessary, as a result of your research).
Justification of your claim (i.e., why it is important).
Method of data collection (i.e., types of sources you plan to use and where you will look for them).
Preliminary findings (i.e., results you have found so far).
Your proposal must be written from a third-person point of view, in future tense, explaining what you plan to accomplish in your research.

Preliminary Reference Page Your reference page should include at least four sources that you intend to use in your paper, and be formatted to proper APA style. The following steps will assist you in finding sources and writing your reference page:
Refer to the Library Tutorial (To access the Library Tutorial, visit the Tutorials link, within the Library tab on the left navigation toolbar, in your online course.), Intro to ProQuest Searching, and the Sample Reference Page in the ENG 122 tab of the Ashford Writing Center.
Search the databases in the Ashford Library (located in the Library link in the left navigation of the online classroom) and the Internet.
Locate at least four scholarly sources that you believe might be useful for your Final Research Paper. These sources must be appropriate for an academic research paper (see Chapters 4 and 5 of your text).