Reate a sample work cited page in proper MLA format

Create a sample Works Cited page in proper MLA format. I want the assignment you turn in to look exactly as it will look in your research paper. The entries can be made up, but should be alphabetized by the first word in the entry. List one entry each from the following types of sources: [JB Note: Do NOT number your entries. You are not simply responding to prompts, you are constructing a Works Cited page.]
1. A book with a single author.
2. A book by four or more authors.
3. A chapter or article from an anthology.
4. An article in a journal paginated by volume (meaning the page numbering doesn t restart with one in each issue, but continues from the previous issue; it only restarts with the beginning of the next volume usually the next year).
5. An article in journal paginated by issue (page numbering restarts each issue).
6. A film or video recording.
7. A personal interview.
8. An entire web site.
9. An article on a web site for which the author s name is known.
10. An article on a web site for which the author is unknown.
11. An article from an online scholarly journal
12. An article from an electronic subscription service.
Two sources for MLA format are found here:

Remember, I require the use of proper word processing techniques in this course, because these techniques will save you untold hours of work throughout your academic and work careers. That means a proper word processing header with automatic page numbering. It means proper hanging indents (Ctrl+T) for the Works Cited entries, and proper double spacing (Ctrl+2). There is no reason to ever use the Tab key on this page, and there you should only hit the Enter key once per entry, at the end.