Reate a strategic financial plan for a non-government organisation (NGO) over the next 3 years.

Create a strategic financial plan for a non-government organisation (NGO) over the next 3 years. This NGO should be a real organisation that you have identified. You do not have to discover all about the NGO but you do need some basic facts, e.g. its name, purpose and structure, and especially its accounting statements.

You will need to make some assumptions about the strategic financial plan that it would be likely to have, and then write this yourself. It should be based on what you know about the organisationas size and activities.
The plan must include the following sections:

Overview (based on the real organisation)
a? Brief details of the name, geographical area covered and the purpose
of the organisation.
a? Organisational structure (as far as possible).
Where are we now? (based on the real organisation)
a? Its relationships with donors and other stakeholders.
a? Analysis of the organisationas year-end accounting statements, i.e. the income and expenditure account and balance sheet or their equivalent. (A copy of the summarised accounting statements should be provided in an appendix).
Where do we want to be? (your own forecast of the 3-5 year strategy, based on what you have found out about the organisation, and using the material covered in the module and from your further reading)
a? Fundraising (briefly) and sustainability strategies.
a? Financial strategies a showing strategies for each of: budgeting (planning and monitoring), core cost recovery, reserves, risk management and internal financial controls.
How do we get there? (what you expect the practicalities of implementing the strategy to be)
a? How to implement these strategies.
a? How you would monitor the strategies, and how you would report back to the NGOas stakeholders.
This strategic financial plan should be presented as a business report addressed to the director of the organisation concerned. It should not discuss the history of the organisation, but rather show your suggested strategy for the future.

Guide length: 1,500 words.

Most marks will be allocated in the assignment for:
a? the assessment of the organisation chosen including donor relationships, organisational structure, and an accounting statements evaluation

a? looking forward, not analysing the organisation as it is now but instead saying what the financial strategy needs to be in the future

a? the strategy itself you must have at least one paragraph on each of: budget planning and monitoring, core costs recovery, reserves policy, risk management policy and internal financial controls. Say for each what you recommend should happen in the organisation in future years.

a? how the strategy will be implemented (and by whom) and how it will be reviewed/monitored.

Projects with high grades will have:
az? a business report format
az? an acceptable format for a strategic financial plan
az? a?where are we nowa analysis of objectives, annual accounts, and programme effectiveness
az? clear guidance on each of budgeting, core costs, reserves, risk management and internal financial controls
az? shown evidence of background reading
az? covered all the requirements of this briefing paper
az? kept with in the guide length plus/minus 10%
az? a fully referenced bibliography