Reate an ideal government using the best ideas from the list of provided philosophical works.

Using the list of provided sources create an ideal government by answering the four questions listed below. Use at least one source per question.

1. What is the basic political structure of your government? What are the citizens in your community like? What is the relationship between the state and citizens?

2. What is the ideal relationship between the state and economy? Should ethics belong in the economic sphere? How are property, goods and services distributed? What principles is distribution based on? What is the ideal taxation policy? Consider the comparable merits of individualism and collectivism.

3. What obstacles would you face in realizing your political vision and why? What existing political structures, institutions, ideologies would facilitate your political vision and why? What aspect of someone elseas liberty would you sacrifice in pursuit of your own ideals?

4. What avenues of change do you believe in and under what circumstances? What tactics necessary for change? Examples: work in the courts, education in schooling, taking to the streets

Sources to use:
-The Federalist PapersMadison, Hamilton, Jay
-Communist ManifestoKarl Marx & Fredrick Engles
-On LibertyJohn Stuart Mill
-a?On Being Conservativea?Michael Oakeshott
-Capitalism and FreedomMilton Freidman
-a?Letter from a Birmingham Jaila? & a?I Have a Dreama?Martin Luther King Jr.
-a?The Ballot or the Bulleta?Malcolm X
-a?Concerning Violencea?Frantz Fanon