Reate an Organizational Assessment and Development Plan

Create an Organizational Assessment and Development Plan

1) The concepts, models, and tools from the field of organizational dynamics or organizational development are used by leaders on an ongoing basis to help improve the performance and sustainability of their organizations. In this final paper, you will develop an organizational assessment and development plan for an organization with which you are familiar. You should identify a broad organizational development model as the basis for your initiative. There are various whole system models (holistic models) described in the literature i.e. the McKinseys 7-S model. You can then identify/use two or three of the other models and two organizational development tools as part of your proposal. The models and tools can come from the earlier assignment.

a) The final application paper should include the following:
i) Description of the organization you are using including what you see as opportunities for improvement through the use of organizational dynamics and organizational development approaches
ii) Do not include the name of the organization or any of the people in the organization or where the organization is located
iii) Describe the whole system or holistic organization development model you are using
iv) Describe the two or three organizational dynamics/development models you will be applying/using and why you selected them
v) Describe the two organizational dynamics/development tools you will be applying/using and why you selected them
vi) Conceptualize the approach you will use to engage the decision-makes in the organization in the process
vii) Craft a communications plan for this initiative
viii) Hypothesize two areas of expected improvements in performance (e.g., financial, customer or client, stakeholder values, productivity, etc)
ix) Identify one research project that you believe could be done in this area based on this initiative
x) List of at least 8 references in APA format
xi) Remember to use section titles to organize the paper and guide the reader through you process and logic
xii) The paper should be 7-10 pages in length include the title page, references, and appendices.

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