Reate an outline e-Marketing Plan for the organisation or business division of your

Guidelines for the eMarketing Award assignment:

You are writing a eMarketing plan for your company  make it realistic.

Write an Executive Summary at the front (about an A4 page or less  Not 2 sentences or  War and Peace ) including key findings and actions.

Follow the SOSTAC model to give it a sensible structure.

SITUATION Where are we now.
OBJECTIVES Where do you want to get to
STRATEGY How are you going to get there
TACTICS Details of the strategy
ACTIONS How to implement the strategy
CONTROLS Monitoring and reviewing where we are going

Situational Analysis  use SWOT (internal and External) Micro Environment
SWOT does not include PLET this should be dealt with separately.
Use PLET or PEST (both the same)Macro Environment.
eModels and eBusiness opportunities. eCustomers minds.
Who are you currently targeting, how are you segmenting and what is your positioning.

Don t forget to bias it to eMarketing  eDriven change, problems, challenges, Key Players, eCustomers Minds, Segments and Profiles.

Objectives  Should be quantifiable, timed and achievable eg increase sales by 10% in next twelve months. Improve Customer Satisfaction from where we are now (so measure it) by 5% by year end 2005

Strategies  Clearly defined. Why not base them on Ansoff.Market Penetration, Market Development, Product Development, Diversification
Which of the above strategies (or combination of them) will you use.
Remember a Strategy is very broad brush such as Market Penetration  getting to more people in the segment/s you are already selling to or Market Development  getting to different segment/s than the segment/s you already

From your chosen strategy/ies do you need to re-segment, if so, do it now

Tactics and Actions
Now what are the tactics and following actions that you need to execute to implement your strategy/ies.
eg tactic  increase product awareness
action  organise a email shot etc
You want lots of these and there may well be more than one action down to fulfil each of your chosen tactics.
Include eTools and Techniques  Web Sites, PCs, Kiosks, Traffic Generation, Virals and Opt ins, email

Have eIntegration, eCRM, Databases, eBusiness Systems and Communications
Do a Marketing ReMix  Once you are implementing your new strategy/ies, tactics and action what will be the effect on each of the 7P s ie Price, Product, Place, Promotion, People, Process, Physical Evidence..

Control  what actions are in place to check you are going they way you want to  reviews, gathering statistical and relevant data etc. What response rates are you getting from mailers or adverts etc

Resources  have you costed what you intend to do and put in a timed plan. What is going to happen when. Is it costed in and does it show clearly in your budgeting provisions

Report Format  If you have followed SOSTAC should be fine. Is it clearly presented with a contents page and pages numbered. Referenced if necessary. Have a Glossary of unfamiliar terms if you are using words and expressions that are unique to your business.

General points:

Remember it is eMarketing should have lots of  e in it.

It is a Marketing Plan so view things from a marketing point of view  use lots of Marketing Concepts eg Perceptual Positioning. Buyers decision making process, AIDA

Use Marketing Models where appropriate eg Ansoff, Boston matrix, Product Life Cycle.

Use it to generate a plan for your company (remember I don t know your company) so make it realistic  don t get bogged down with too much detail.

If you view it as the construction of a proper eMarketing Plan for your company that is executable and realistic the odds are very much one your side for creating a great plan  don t treat it as just an academic exercise as this will lack the sparkle of real life.

If you do all of the above you will produce a great eMarketing Plan.

Good luck and please email the Course Manager should you have any queries or should you wish to submit a draft (one allowed per student).
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