Reate Short-term Wins step 6 The Heart of Change book GE case + executive summary


1. The Heart of Change by John P. Kotter and Dan S. Cohen, 2002, Harvard Business
School Publishing.

2. Managing Transitions by William Bridges, 1991, Adison Wesley.

3. Harvard Business Case: GEas Two Decade Transformation: Jack Welchas Leadership

4. Harvard Business Case: Meg Whitman at eBay Inc. (A) (9-401-024).

I have the books as PDF And

Create Short-term Wins step 6 this is my chosen step that im going to write about + executive summary
book The Heart of Change book and GE case

You will be graded on the extent to which you demonstrate knowledge of concepts learned
in class, and your ability to apply this knowledge to an actual change situation.

Purpose & Explanation of Assignments

1) Heart of Change:

This is an individual project. The purpose of this assignment is to engage you with the
material in a deeper way and to encourage you to think as you learn.

Each individual will be assigned 1 Step discussed in Kotteras book Heart of Change, and
you will use these concepts to analyze the Jack Welch case. You will submit a 5 page
(approximate) paper and present on an assigned date.

In your paper, you will need to: a) discuss what was new that you learned, ideas that may
have surprised you, and ideas that really resonated with you; b) describe what you think
would be difficult in the implementation of the Steps; c) with examples discuss how Jack
Welch effectively addressed the Steps in his management of change at GE; and d) your
recommendations as to how he could have implemented the Steps more effectively.

You will be graded on the quality of your reflection and your analysis of the case.

Each individual will need to come prepared to present and discuss their paper with the
class on their assigned date. Prepare an executive summary of your findings regarding
the content of the Step and your observations on how it was demonstrated in the case.
Bring copies of your executive summary to share with your classmates. I will introduce the
key ideas in the Steps, and the remainder of the class time will be spent in presentations
and discussions.

NOTE: All students in the class are expected to have read the chapters and the case prior
to class and to participate in the discussion period once the Step/Case Analysis is
presented by your peers. As a classmate, prepare a set of notes, observations, and
questions to stimulate discussion and understanding of the material/case a for each Step
in John Kotteras a?The Heart of Change.a? Your successful preparation/contribution to the
discussion for each Step will impact your participation grade in this course.