Reate the following database and tables in Access

1. Instructions

Create the following database and tables in Access. Attach your Access file here.

1. Create a database called a?Universitya?. (20 points)

2. Create the following four tables in a?Universitya? database: (40 points)

a. Student(SID, SSN, Firstname, Lastname, address, city, state, zip, major)

SID 3 Characters. i.e. 111, 123

SSN a 9 Characters

Lastname 20 characters

Firstname 15 Characters

City a 15 Characters

State 2 Characters

Zip a 5 Charcaters

Major: 3 Characters i.e. CIS, ACC, BUS, EDU

b. Class(Classid, Room, profid, Starttime, endtime)

Classid 9 Characters CIS111026,ENG090010, PSY105045, ACC499001, MAT300021

Room 5 Characters Rm101, Rm010, Rm280

Pofid 3 charcaters 101, 432, 324

Time: 5:45 p.m. or 9:00 a.m.

c. Enrollment(SID, Classid, grade) -

Grades number 0 to 100

d. Professor(profid, lastname, firstname)

profid text 3 Characters e.g. 143, 453

3. Choose primary keys. (40 points).

4. Create relationships between the above tables. Some tables cannot have relationship because they have nothing in common. (15 points)

5. Add records to each table: (20 points)

Student Table Add minimum of 10 Records

Class Table a Add minimum of 5 Records

Enrollment Add minimum of 20 Records

Professor a o Add minimum of 4 Records

Make sure that each student is taking several courses, one professor is teaching several courses and one class has several students.

6. Make sure that you enforce the referential integrity, update cascade and delete cascade. (15 points)