Reating a template using the instructions below

Step 1: Create a template

1.Open the file HolidayUpdate. Save the file on your desktop or thumb drive. Enable editing(Holiday Update file listed below):

Campbellas Confections
Holiday Update

Chocolate Events
Akron, OH January 3
National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

2.Change the left and right margins to 1.25 inches.

3.Center the first line of the document, and change the font size to 20 points and apply small caps. Add 3 points spacing after.

4.Create a paragraph style named Subhead that is 14-point Arial, all caps, and centered. Add a single-line 1-point bottom border to the style by clicking the Format button and choosing Border. Apply the style to the second line of text.

5.Create and apply a paragraph style for the a?Chocolate Eventsa? paragraph based on the Normal style and named UpdateHead. Use 12-point Arial bold with all caps and 3 points spacing after.

6.Save the document as a template named [your initials]Update.

7.Close the template. Be sure that you save this work so you can attach it later as part of your final project submission.

Step 2: Reuse the template
1.Start a new document based on the template created in step 1.


3.Replace the words a?CHOCOLATE EVENTSa? with the current year.

4.Select the Akron, OH, paragraph. Create and apply a paragraph style named CityName using 12-point Arial bold with a 3-inch left tab setting.

5.Click in the paragraph that begins a?National Chocolate.a? Create a paragraph style named IndentedPara based on the CityName style, using 12-point Arial regular, with 12 points spacing after paragraphs and a 3-inch left indent.

6.Assign Indentedpara as the style for the paragraph following CityName.

7.Assign CityName as the style for the paragraph following Indentedpara.

8.Select the text a?January 3,a? and create a character style named EventDate using 11-point Arial bold and italic.

9.Press Enter after a?Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day,a? and key the text shown in the table that follows. Press Tab before each date.

Clarksburg, WV February 19
Chocolate Mint Day

Grove City, PA Marcha Third Week
American Chocolate Week

Canton, OH April 21
National Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day

Morgantown, WV May 15
National Chocolate Chip Day

Monroeville, PA June
National Candy Month

Youngstown, OH July 7
Chocolate Day

Fairmont, WV September 22
National White Chocolate Day

Butler, PA October 28
National Chocolate Day

Step 3: Finishing Up

1.Apply the EventDate style to all the date text.

2.Modify the CityName style to 11 points, and change the font to Lucida Sans. Modify the subhead style to include 12 points spacing after, and change the font to Lucida Sans. Modify the EventDate style by changing the font to Lucida Sans.

3.Center the document vertically on the page.

4.Spell-check the document, and save.

Step 4: What you need to submit:
1.The template file you completed in step 1.

2.The document you created when you got to the end of step 3.