Reating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Using the Scope Definition Statement that you created in Week 1, complete the following:

Using the Decomposition Technique, develop a WBS for your course project.
Enter the WBS into MS Project 2003.
Submit the Scope Statement and the MS Project file to your instructor
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Please use this informmatio to write project part 2 which is to create a WBS.
Note: This is a project management course

Building a house Project
A project scope statement should be concise and clear to allow the audience reading the statement to have a good idea of what the project consists of. This means what would be included and what would be left out. The statement will give a view of the project.
This project is to construct a three bedroom, two bath, two car garage family home, per the architectural specifications. The home will have a brick exterior and composite roof.
Project Objective
To construct a high-quality, custom home within six months at cost not to exceed $80,000.
” A 1,200-square-foot, 2 bath, 3-bedroom, finished home.
” A two car finished garage, insulated and sheetrocked.
” Kitchen appliances to include range, oven, microwave, and dishwasher.
” High-efficiency gas furnace with programmable thermostat.
1. Permits approved April 5
2. Foundation poured April 14
3. Dry in. Framing, sheathing, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical inspections passed July25
4. Final inspection August 7
Technical requirements
1. Home must meet local building codes.
2. All windows and doors must pass NFRC class 40 energy ratings.
3. Exterior wall insulation must meet an  A factor of 21.
4. Ceiling insulation must meet an  R factor of 38.
5. Floor insulation must meet an  R factor of 25.
6. Garage will accommodate two large-size cars
Limits and exclusions
1. The home will be built to the specifications and design of the original blueprints provided by the customer.
2. Owner responsible for landscaping.
3. Refrigerator is not included among kitchen appliances.
4. Air conditioning is not included.
5. Contractor reserves the right to contract out services.
6. Contractor responsible for subcontracted work.
7. Site work limited to Monday through Friday, 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Explain why you chose your project. Is it work related? Is it a project you intend to pursue? Are there other reasons you have chosen this project?
I choose this project because I have more ideas about it since I am building my own house. I know much more about building a house than the other topics. Building a house project is not work related. I like participating in building my own house by following the project and going on the construction site to make sure it is what I really want to get at the end of the project. This way, I can also have an eye on the budget and the expenses and make sure that my money will be used only for the house and that all material would be good material.