Reating Academic and Professional Success

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The point of your journal is to encourage deeper thoughts and reflections of the class material as it relates to your life, work and academic situation the journal is not just a report of what happened in class or what the book says.

Your purpose is to strive to come to meaningful observations, insights and conclusions as to how you will plan for, and achieve academic and professional success.

Be honest with yourself on your strengths and weaknesses, problems and opportunities. Realize that writing these ideas and observations down will be reinforcement for positive change.

The length of the entries is not the point, but they shoud each be at least 50 words long. 6 entries are required by week 10 of the term. Spell-check and proof-read before posting.

Reating Academic and Professional Success

no sources please.
could you do it in schedule.
The point of this exercise is to help you evaluate and adjust the ways you spend your time. The results of time management skills in your life will be more productivity, higher quality, less stress and more fun.
Color-coding for each block section of your activities is highly recommended so that you can instantly see the Pictureof each days activities. Enter your text content in such a way that the activities are easy to read at a glance. You may want to insert extra columns to take notes and make revisions as you move through your weeks.

Use the grid provided on the portal (or another similar format) and map out your ideal standard week during this term. Most college students will have 2 major required life components; school and work. There may also be a 3rd major component chosen on the social / family side of your life.

Insert these sections first, balancing the amount and intensity of each activity per day and in the sequence of days. Then add the other required elements of your life like transportation, meals, cleaning, exercise etc. Be sure to budget at least 7 hours per 24-hour period (averaged) for sleep.

How you use your left-over time is up to you, but try to look ahead and make wise decisions about how this time is spent. Think about your stated goal for this class. Allow yourself some time for fun and relaxation, but dont be lazy.

Reating Academic and Professional Success

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Use the format template and content guide provided on the forum to create an outline of your final project paper and presentation. You may want to create separate outlines for each but the content will be mostly the same so this is not required.

An outline is a Living document”, that is it is always open for revision until the time you complete the actual assignment. Leave room for notes. Print a copy or two and keep it with you. When a new idea or insight or adjustment strikes, write it down on the outline. When you are done you should have a very messy piece of paper with the original printed outline as the skeleton of the final plan.

Post to the forum as an attachment so that your outline maintains its formatting. See the posted template to help you with your format and the guide to generate ideas of what to include.

Reating Academic and Professional Success

This part of the assignment should lead to some rewarding solutions for both Chris and the students participating.

1. Make five observations about the challenges and five observations about the benefits of working on a team.

2. Recommend three ways for Chris to relax and deal with stress management.