Reating an assessment profile/portfolio

Take a curriculum from a pre-licensure school and design a portfolio that would encompass examples of work that proves mastery of the curriculum objectives.

You can use a course you have seen before, just not taken before. The assignment isnt about the class as much as it is about the portfolio that you will develop to demonstrate the student(s) had achieved mastery learning from deliberate practice to meet the course objectives.

You can use a rubric, but this is just one way to evaluate the attainment of the objectives. A portfolio consists for multiple modalities and ways to demonstrate mastery. If you follow Donna Wright and her competency model, the nurse can demonstrate competency in many ways they could use simulation, review and discuss case studies, write policies/procedures, develop a continuing education program, etc.

This is what your paper should look like introduction, body of the paper, wrap up, and conclusion. Remember to use scholarly peer reviewed articles do not use References should be 5-7 years old (no older than 2007 unless it is a scholarly work, land mark study or there are no other references you could find, or the reference although older still is true today). Your paper should demonstrate the learning you achieved from this course so remember:

The introduction should be about the general state of affairs about the assignment. Something to introduce the topic of portfolios, mastery learning, or deliberate practice. Or, something else pertinent to your topic. Then talk about what you are going to tell me in the paper, which is what the assignment is.
Discuss the course you have chosen in general and provide the overall objectives of the course,which you are going to discuss throughout the paper.
The body of the paper comes next this is where you will write about the portfolio contents you would propose the the students to have, what the objects are, why they are important, and how does this particular item help to provide mastery learning to the student. You need to give examples of the portfolio contents if you are using a policy as a demonstration of competency, then please include the important items you think need highlighting. Pick one item, say a rubric develop it and write it in full in the paper. Just one item needs to be totally demonstrated. The others are acceptable by just providing the important aspects of the modality you have chosen to have the Studentdemonstrate competency/mastery learning.
Use facts and cite your references do not use what an author has said without using quotations and the appropriate APA format for citing other peoples work.
The wrap up takes place next what did you find from doing this assignment? Any last comments about the work?
The conclusion should be just that, a recapitulation in brief of what you did, where this topic is likely to go (for instance, if you chose a topic that had very little research, you might conclude this topic could use further study.), and what closing statement you would like to make about the topic in general.