Reating customer value, satisfaction and loyalty of BMW

The individual report/essay will comprise a critical theoretical review using an assigned organisation (BMW). This report is required 2500 words. It must have references, bibliography and Appendix (If need). It should be done in UK style (HARVARD).

The above will utilise research methodologies learned in other components of the course(Engaging with External Environment) and advanced learning resources, e.g. analysis of data using computer and other analytical tools, comment and analysis on qualitative sources such as narrative, story and rumour.

Students need to set up the program for creating customer value, satisfaction and loyalty of BMW s customer.
Students are to consider a programme by which the Marketing Manager can properly analyse their engagement with the external environment, identifying:

” What information the Manager needs
” Where this information might be found
” How this information might be obtained
” The context within which the organisation is operating

Marking scheme:

Clarity of arguments 15%
Clarity of information identification 20%
Structure and focus of work 15%
Analysis 20%
Referencing, research and bibliography 20%
Presentation 10%

This means if you are marketing manager for BMW company and you want to set a program for creating customer value, satisfaction and loyalty, you should do marketing research and analyse their engagement with the external environment by using research methodology of your choice. ( Answer all of those 4 Questions)(Don t need to do real marketing research such as questionnaire, Just explained why are you using this kind of research methodology and analyse them with the external environment)

BOOK, JOURNAL and ARTICLE are required for this report. ( you can use book, article and journal as much as you can find for this report)

” Kotler, P. and Keller, K.L (2006) Marketing Management.12ed, New Jersey: Pearson Education.
” Little, E & Marandi, E, Relationship Marketing Management, Thomson 2003
” Craig C S & Douglas S P, International Marketing Research, J. Wiley
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