Reating Diagrams, Stakeholder Diagrams in a Word Document/Report

I will upload a scenario called city road pricing which you need to analyse and develop an initial requirements report. Each scenario consists of three or four first person narratives with people describing systems requirements from their point of view. The scenarios are modelled along the lines of what a real person might say at an initial fact finding meeting.
Your job is to capture those requirements using UML and text. Unlike in real-life you cannot ask questions of the stakeholders. You should imagine that the purpose of your report is to capture what was said at the initial meeting so that you can have a more detailed discussion later.

The report should consist of the following:
i?? A stakeholder Identification Table
i?? Stakeholder Onion Diagram
i?? A set of user stories for each stakeholder narrative in the scenario
i?? A set of use case descriptions developed from the user stories
i?? A set of use case diagrams
i?? A set of activity diagrams
i?? One or more domain class diagrams

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This Site can give you examples and will help you with the tasks

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This is the Scenario