Reating High Performance Organization-course Project Proposal

The Topic is Creating High Performance Organizations
(the writer should use a company its name is VENDOLINE .Before i start the this master program, i worked this company in my country ( in Turkey). i worked there a year then i came here to get my master degree.the writer can make a story about creating high performance organizations and the writer should use giving my information above)

There are 4 parts that the writer has to complete.
Course Project Proposal : Submit written project proposal containing the following:
1. a brief overview of the chosen organization and your role in it;
2. a brief narrative description of the organizational problem that you would like to research and resolve;
3. a preliminary problem statement in the form of a researchable question;
4. which TCO topic your problem is related to.
Also i upload the sample of course project proposal, so the writer can get some opinion how to do assignment. but main important point is the writer has to complete 4 parts.
The assignment should be 2 pages it does not include cover page and work cited.