Reating Job Descriptions and Interview Questions


This assignment gives you an opportunity to create and evaluate questions for interviews. This assignment will be a useful exercise in preparing for the course project.

Consider a mid-size IT organization with approximately 8,500 employees. Its headquarters are in the United States and its employees work in its offices located in 32 countries. The company went public five years ago, and it has been growing at the rate of 20 percent ever since.


1. Write a job description for the HR management director of this organization. Remember to consider the strategic goals and HR strategic plan as you develop the requirements for this position.

2. Create 10 questions that you can use to interview candidates for the position of HRM director at the company. The questions should include probes for additional information and desired responses.

Deliverables and Format:

1. Job description: Create at least 5-7 key points that list the major duties and specify the qualifications required for the position.

2. Interview questions: Create at least 10 original questions, 5 each trait based and behavior based.