Reating Positive Environment for Learning

A review on literature related to the following theme

Creating Positive Environment for Learning

Please adhere to the following guidelines to complete your literature review:

1. The literature review must include at least three (3) pieces of literature from both primary and secondary sources such as journal research articles, authored books and/or edited books.

2. The review basically should consist of an introduction, main analytic discussion and conclusion.

3. The introduction of the review will inform the reader of the theme chosen and the reason it was chosen.

4. Student must then go on to elaborate the concepts, ideas, and issues that they find within the literature concerned with their theme.

5. Student must conclude the review by briefly summarising aspects of the theme that their literature review highlighted and discussed.

Presentation of assignments
1. Typed on one side of A4 paper, double spaced with 2.5cm wide margin space on either sides of the
2. Use only 12 pitch font Times New Roman/Arial.

3. Must observe conventions of referencing and include appropriate reference and bibliography list.
4. Plagiarism is not accepted; please read the note on plagiarism included below in this page.

Referencing–APA standard only!!