Reating Profitable e-Business: Cloud Based Computing

Brief: cloud computing is a rapidly growing area of IT covering the delivery of servers as well as systems.


Discuss AND highlight how a company can make use of such systems to move the reliance on in-house IT (buying servers and setting them up) away from the business and buy-in services (using IT as a utility).

Helpful Guide:
1. Describe the cloud computing trend
2. Define cloud computing
MAIN i?? (SWOT analysis)
1. Benefits of using cloud computing + Opportunities
2. Challenges of using cloud computing and how to avoid + Threats
3. Define in-house IT
4. Define i??Buy-ini?? services
a. Dropbox
b. Googledrive
c. Please get a few others

5. Case study of company using cloud based computing
a. How has this been successful? Any pitfalls?
b. Recommendations to the company
6. Describe alternative cloud based solutions
CONC i??
1. Key benefits of using cloud computing
2. Best alternatives to cloud based solutions

Wordcount for this is 2,500.
Font size is Calibri 11
Double spacing is not mandatory and neither is a front page.

Please use sources that are up to date/recent/current.
please provide links for further analysis and understanding

God Bless