Reating, Valuing and Protecting The Intellectual Property Portfolio

In these lectures you will learn about not only the value of of I.P. as a valuable Intangibleasset of a company but the important role of the I.P. Manager who is responsible for capturing, cataloging and seeking opportunities to leverage a firms I.P. to generate revenues and profits. The I.P. Manager is also responsible for the critical role of addressing, preventing and prosecuting I.P. infringement issues.

Consider the I.P. rights to the information in the design, manufacturing and advertising of a computer modem. A large number of businesses design, manufacture, and sell computer peripheral products such as printers, modems, storage devices, and the like. Protecting such electronic products involves many overlapping Intellectual Property Law principles. According, what I.P. issues may be involved that require consideration in protecting such devices in the following areas:

1. Patents;
2. Copyrights;
3. Trade Secrets;
4. Trademarks; and
5. Advertising.”
Please use IRAC format for each question.