Reation of an art exhibiton for people with impaired vision

The essay of management the arts is about a creation of an arts exhibition for blind people.
The chosen museum was British Museum and should be selected 15 sculptures of Greece period.

First of all, it will be required an explanation of the idea (what is it, why the exhibition should be done and what is the concept of the idea)

Explain the mission statement of the museum and create a mission statement for the project.
Explain how they are related.

The aims and objectives of the project should be clarified.
What is the aim of the project?

Develop a SWOT analysis of the project.
What are the competitors?
What is the target audience?

What strategies will be used?
Staff Who is doing what?
Technical equipment (What is necessary to do the exhibition?)
Activity an time plan (Gantt chart, milestones and monitoring activities)
Ethical considerations and risks assessment
Budget and cash flow
Evaluation of the project.