What Youall Do:
NOTABLE FEATURES ARE: Mariposa Grove, Curry Village, Parsons Memorial Lodge, Wawona Lodge
i · Assume the persona of a conservationist for this park. This means that you will need to be familiar with important design elements of the park and some of the basic information about how it was developed, when and by whom. You could be a member of a conservation or preservation society, a scientist, local politician, park employee or simply an interested party. It will be your task to convince your audience that the site deserves protection and why.
i · Imagine that your park is threatened by budget cuts and private interests. It may be that logging companies would like to extract timber from your parkas forests or that a lack of funding threatens to close the park and cease maintenance of its facilities. The important part here is that your parkas notable facilities (specifically those listed) are at risk of being destroyed. (For the purpose of this assignment, you must assume that other protections have failed). Now make an argument to save this place!
i · Write a 1000 word letter to your congressman/woman that argues the significance of your site from a cultural landscape perspective. This means you must explain what these buildings/sites mean in the larger picture of the site and the nation. Each chosen site has significant features which exemplify the a?National Park Rustica? aesthetic and help us to understand how the wilderness and the picturesque were seen during the early days of the National Park Service.
o Create an argument a?statementa? that you can defend. o Use the course texts and other supplemental research to support your argument. Be specific! o Demonstrate through images, text and citation how YOUR park is an important example of NPS
i § A minimum of 3 images are required. All images must be accompanied by appropriate citations.
i § Remember the focus is upon Landscape Architecture, not simply buildings.
o Use the Purdue Online Writing Lab guide to Argumentative essays as a guide for how to structure your argument.
o Do not propose preservation or protection methods, just argue for the reasons to protect. i · Format your document like an essay within a letter, complete with an appropriate address and closure,
as well as language appropriate to a formal letter. The use of a?Ia? and a?Youa? are appropriate in this
format, however they should be kept to a minimum to keep the letter professional. i · Participate in the Group Review Process (below). i · Submit by the due date! Late work will not be accepted.
Additional Resources:
In addition to the Pregill text and the McClelland reading on D2L, you may find helpful information for your argument here:
i · NPS Park Histories: htm
i · The Cultural Landscape Foundationas explanation of Cultural Landscapes: whata?area?culturala?landscapes
i · Ethan Carras Wilderness by Design: Landscape Architecture and the National Park Service available from the UA library.