Reative non-fiction essay on a sporting event

Please write essay on a recent or current sporting event that you witnessed (in person) or participated in the month of September, 2013
****(I actually watched colleage mans soccer game, so please write based on the soccer game)

essay should be written from a specific point of view: spectator,

fan, participant, observer, critic, journalist, etc. (All essays, of course,

are written from a point of view. But be self-conscious about your choice.

Essay should be structured according to its own logic.

Itas unlikely that you will want to record events simply as they happened;

you will want to structure your account for a logical (or strategic, or rhetorical, or emotive)

reason. Your essay should have an explicit or implicit argument.

Whatas at stake in your account? Why should we want to read it? In what way are you being

critical of a sport or sporting event?