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Personal profile &personal view of one technical staff
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Example : Name -Dr. Jugnu Mahajan.
Special Interests: Neonatology, Paediatric respiratory medicine.
Dr. Mahajan is in NHS for the last 20 years. She is working as a Consultant Paediatrician and also has been a Clinical Director for 5 years in Rotherham General Hospital. Dr. Mahajan after working for 12 years in Rotherham Hospital moved to Barnsley Hospital. In September 2009 Dr. Mahajan became the Trustas new Medical Director and Consultant Paediatrician. She is married and lives with her son in Derbyshire.

Persona View
According to Dr. Mahajan the Consultants run the hospital. There is no one who manages the Clinical Directors they manage themselves. In her view the management in the hospital is only there to facilitate the process.
Dr. Mahajan being a Clinical Director in Rotherham General Hospital represents all the Consultants in the Children Clinic. For her to get the waiting list in Children Clinic from 8 weeks to 2 weeks is an easy task but there are various barriers also. To get the waiting list to 2 weeks every Consultant has to take up 2 more patients per clinic per week. This will bring down the waiting list to 2 weeks.
For Dr. Mahajan to get this waiting list to 2 weeks has many obstructions. There are various points that needs to be considered to get this moving. Dr. Mahajan thinks that more we get in the more we have to do. There are several aspects that needs to be considered to get the waiting list to 2 weeks. Firstly, the Consultant Contract and secondly the EWDT(European Work Time Directive).
The next obstruction on her list is space for the extra work. She needs 2 more offices to get the extra work to be done. Moving forward she has to talk to each Consultant and make them agree and sign up to take 2 more patients per clinic. The next barrier is to reschedule the clinic time and ask patients to come on the rescheduled time. For her rescheduling and getting patients on the new clinic time is a bit difficult. She thinks it does not work overnight.
Dr. Mahajan says it is simple and easy to get the waiting list down but we cannot force consultant to take 2 more patients. Instead of that I will go to each Consultant an explain them the situation and make them agree to take 2 more patients. I have to take proper consultation with my colleges and get them on board and sign up to do it which is my style of work and I follow it. She needs 2 weeks to get the Consultants and her colleges to agree to this and to get things moving. She will also need time to collect medical records and get them on board.
She thinks that she needs to discuss this issue with the CEO also. Everyone in the board will agree or they may be chances of one or two consultants not agreeing. So the CEO has to handle them if they approach them and make them understand in his way. I think I need to take care of each and every aspects and taking help of CEO will help me clearing all aspects.
For Dr. Mahajan Consultants are judges they decide how are they going to deliver work in the clinics. So they need to be handled carefully. If the Consultants agree to this, Iam sure that everyone will work together which will get the waiting list to 2 weeks and if this continues the waiting list will also come done to nearly 0 weeks.