Reative project –a survey of student attitudes to alien life

Each student is expected to do a creative project relating to some aspect of her/his
extrasolar planet system or related to the course material. This course is highly
interdisciplinary so that gives you lots of choice. The creative project counts for 20% of
your grade, and it is graded equally on its development of ideas related to a?Life in the
Universea? and on its a?creativea? qualities (originality, ambition, quality of execution,
aesthetic appeal). Ideally, a project combines a topic that interests you in the class with
one of your other skills or interests.
The project can be scientii¬?c, technical, artistic or
I reasearch the 61 Vir Planet , Please use creativity to link alien and think planet together. Basically, image how they will be doing in that planet and create a data that how many students believe alien exist or not. Link the idea and relate to the life in universe. USE creativity to finish this project . Please use simple english grammar. I am a international stident so please no need to use professional English. Use simple words to describe and use some reference. I put the info about 61 Vir C. Please use creativity to finish this project.