Reative project essey: Artist Analysis (Madonna Vogue)

Students are asked to write a 2,000-word essay on a piece of recorded music of their choosing. The essay should provide insight into (i) the specific sonic qualities of the recording; (ii) the way these sonic qualities are related to the wider social, economic and technological context in which it was produced; and (iii) the relationship between the recording and its relevant genre/s.
Students are encouraged to engage with the project creatively, introducing images, links to sound and other multi-media elements where these enhance the argument and paying close attention to the design of the essay.
Students are strongly advised to discuss their selection with their seminar tutor. They should avoid developing accounts that provide a simple, chronological biography of the artistas career that led up to the selected recording.

These are:
Identify and situate the core genres of 20th and 21st century popular music.
Analyse the contribution of a musician or group to the development of music genre.
Identify, access, collate evidence and interpret academic sources from the university and external sources, including textbooks and articles.
Express a range of ideas using appropriate spoken and written English demonstrating understanding of academic writing conventions and styles as specific to the subject discipline.
Demonstrate appropriate academic integrity, avoiding plagiarism and/or collusion and/or other forms of academic misconduct, by use of citation and reference as appropriate for the degree subject, using their own academic voice.
Research, plan and write an essay.
Reflect critically on oneas work, implementing feedback given.

Assessment criteria
Submissions will be assessed on the quality of their analysis, insight and creativity. The material presented is expected to be accurate and, where appropriate, based on authoritative sources (especially although not exclusively those included in the module guide).

Referencing and plagiarism
Sources used should be referenced, using parenthesis in the text and providing a full bibliography/discography/filmography at the end of the essay. For example,
Parenthesis: As Lawrence writes, a?David Mancuso was born into an unhappy family on 20 October 1944.a? (Lawrence, 2003, p.5)
Bibliography: Lawrence, Tim (2003). Love Saves the Day: A History of American Dance Music Culture, 1970-79. North Carolina: Duke University Press.
If a student wishes to draw on other material published on the internet, this material must also be fully referenced. If it isnat the student will be charged with plagiarism (or the attempt to pass off someone elseas writing as oneas own). While internet research is often useful it is rarely sufficient by itself.
Essays that include any form of plagiarisma even a single line of unattributed text taken from the interneta will automatically receive a a?0a?. Please make sure that you take careful notes during your research to avoid this happening. Conversely, full referencing of your sources will boost your grade.