Reative Response Essay. One Day in the Life of Viking or Veronica Gatemen.

This assignment is a creative Response Emily Brontes Wuthering Heights.Create a fictitious character who symbolizes a contemporary teenager in the Gatemen family. The year is 2008.Viking and Veronica are brother and sister. The intention is to capture The teenage condition.(Even more so than Napolean Dynamite!!)
In this assignment you are to write a minimum of 500 words. Think of the life of a typical teenage boy or girl and create his or her experiences on paper. Remember extraordinary events involving ordinary people are what make TV popular!! You Must MUST MUST use SEVERAL examples of figurative language (example similes and metaphors in the paper)and a MINIMUM of 3 allusions to add more literary prowess to this CREATIVE STORY. REMEMBER THE METAPHORS SIMILES AND AT LEAST 3 ALLUSIONS. THANK YOU!!!!