Reative Strategies for Community Health

Creative Strategies for Community Health

This weekas article by Wideman, Pizzello, and Lemke (2008) identifies creative strategies to promote health for underserved populations. Creativity is critical to the success of such strategies as well as consideration of organizational characteristics commonly found in successful healthcare programs. Many of these programs, for instance, had an advisory board; were guided by committed, visionary leaders; got the community involved; and were integrated with existing programs.

In your Discussion, identify and assess the characteristics of one or more of the community health projects you know about from firsthand experience or from this course.(CHILD HOOD OBESITY) Develop creative strategies for your own community health project and share these with your peers.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post your thoughts on creative and effective strategies for community health programs by discussing the following:

Identify two strategies used in health promotion or disease management programs you have studied or know about personally. Describe the ways in which these strategies were creative and/or effective.

Analyze whether these strategies were culturally specific to this group, or whether they might be applied to any population.

Propose a creative strategy for your program and explain why it will likely contribute to its effectiveness. Provide a rationale and support for this strategy from your learning resources and other sources of evidence.

Learning Resources

Prior Knowledge

Consider public service announcements or health education materials that have caught your eye and had an impact on you. In what ways were they effective? Creative? Reflect on the value of devising innovative ways of communicating with your population.

Required Resources


Course Media: a?Strategies for Health Promotiona? (Dr. Nola Pender & Dr. Gloria Ramsey)

This media segment highlights creative strategies that have been used for a variety of population-specific health programs. Among these strategies is the use of a mobile clinic to serve migrant farmworkers in Southern California.

Click here for the Video Key Points


Course Text: Vulnerable Populations in the United States

Chapter 5a a?Current Strategies to Serve Vulnerable Populationsa?

This chapter critiques many community health programs currently in operation, focusing in particular on how they address mechanisms of vulnerability.

Chapter 6a a?Resolving Disparities in the United Statesa?

Synthesizing much from the previous chapters, this chapter discusses strategies that the authors consider to be the most progressive and effective in rectifying health disparities.

Article: Wideman, M., Pizzello, L., & Lemke, S. (2008). Impact of nursing case management on an underserved population. Home Health Care Management & Practice, 21(1), 17-22. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the SAGE Premier 2010 database: 1/17

Optional Resources


Health Policy Guide: Evidence-Based Policies to Improve the Publicas Health

Covering over 150 policy topics, this website provides evidence-based, peer-reviewed policy guidance and resources to support advocacy and decision making about community health.

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