Reative Thinking and Innovative Problem Solving

Please find the following two articles as supplmental reading to the assignment:

Carmeli A, Gelbard R, Reiter-Palmon R. Leadership, (2013). Creative problem-solving capacity, and creative performance: The importance of knowledge sharing. Human Resource Management, 2(1):95-121.

Angelo, G., (2014) Effective action to strategic vision: Transitioning to the C-Suite. Mworld, 13(3):20-23.


First, provide an example of where a leader could encourage creativity within a mid-sized organization. Describe how he or she would do it in practical term. Show a list of the results using bulletpoints. Then, in a future organization, express what you would you do to expand creativity. Provide a citation and reference in APA format that relates directly to enhancing creativity. No books or websites, just peer-reviewed articles.