Reative Writing Assignment Ancient Greek

You have access to Bill and Teds time-traveling phone booth. You can bring home any ancient Greek sculptor in our text to immortalize you in marble. Who do you choose and why? What is it that attracts you to his work? What instructions will you give him in order to convey your inner spirit properly? (You might want to let us hear a little of your conversation.) Describe the pose and general look you want in the statue. In a 1250 word, double-spaced WORD document, create a narrative that deals with all of those questions in as specific a manner as possible. At his insistence, you allow the sculptor to take the statue back to ancient Greece via the telephone booth. Talk about how your statue would fit into the history of ancient Greek art. Remember, this is about your own PERSONAL response to the artist. I do not want irrelevant biographical or historical details on your chosen sculptor, whether from Wikipedia or a more reputable source. WORD document only! (I am a 57Blonde female with Blue Eyes and very lean, healthy looking). Phidias is my prefered sculpture/artist.