Reative Writing Finish paper I started

Item: #1 Creative Writing (no source necessaryuse my files I will upload)
Approximately 5-7 pages
Due Monday, 2/20/12 (tonight at midnight GMT-6).

Experiment 4: (Word:Mac 2011 Document Name: Experiment 4-1.0)
In my next piece, I plan on merging the ideas of eating, sex and ultimately, death throughout the story. I am going to take an approach similar to Mishimaas by using very descriptive and sensual language to describe the acts of eating and death, and to highlight the relationship between the couple. I will heighten the senses of the reader by using intimate language to describe acts that may be otherwise very ordinary. The coupleas progression from eating to death will be blurred together to seem almost as one, just as Mishima accomplished in his story.I started writing the story and need to take the prompt and complete it (Experiment 4) by tonight. I have a plot synopsis on the first page (Although, I changed it up a lot, so I am not sure how accurate it is). I also wrote in italics below the story where I see it going from what I have. The story is supposed to be 7 pages. Given where I am in the story and how long it is already, I am sure I will have to cut it down. In this story, I am supposed to mirror the author I talked about in my Reading Report 4 (sending document), which I have also attached. The author is very good at describing things.