Reative writing: Illegal trade, smuggling and forgery of luxury/priceless goods/works of art

Sources are not important, important part is the creative/originality of the essay. Think out of the box, I cannot stress this more, it needs to be very original and creative, this will be rewarded when graded.

This is the essay question:

On Saturday night, your chauffeur-driven salon picks up your dinner guests and delivers them to the front door of your Manhattan penthouse promptly at 8:00. You know the exact time for you are watching the hands sweep on your superbly jeweled Rolex. Soon your guests are happily savoring Russian Beluga caviar and quaffing 1950 Chateau Petrus, an extremely rare bordeaux. Then they are ushered into a dining room graced with Sumerian vases to sit at a table carved from Brazillian big-leaf mahogany under the watchful eyes (both on one side of its head) of a previously unknown Picasso while your Learas Macaw parrot leers and caws from its cage. In reality, your a?Rolexa? was manufactured in a Chinese sweatshop, the vases that are on an Interpol watch list were recently lifted from the Iraq National Museum, the Picasso was just finished a few days before by a talented but crooked second cousin hiding out in Paraguay, the mahogany in the table along with the parott in the cage are both banned under CITES (the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species), and the only thing vintage about the wine is the label. Explain how you acquired ANY FOUR of these items from their places of origin, moved them past border guards and Customs on both sides, and have sufficient confidence in your proof of ownership and of origin to display them at a dinner where the honored guests include the man projected to be the next Secretary of Homeland Security and the incumbent U.S. District Attorney for Manhattan.”