Reativity in music and children learning in 3-5 years

The assignment is covered Part 1 and Part 2.
Part 1: Design a handout for families on creativity and curriculum in music (2 A4 pages)
Part 2: Write an annotated bibliography of references to support the information and ideas in part A handout. This should include references cited and potential further reading. References material cited (in parts 1 and 2) reflects an ability to source high quality information (peer reviewed and research-based)

Information is supported by references to theory and research around creativity in music and clear links between part 1 and part 2

Using Part 2 references and theories support and explain ideas of Part 1 handout. The handout is to express those theories to create a curriculum on music creativity for parents.

The handout should cover:
1. One aspect of curriculum: music
2. Particular age group: Early stage 1 (3 to 5 years old)
3. Educational setting: the outdoor environment in a prior to school and school setting before leaving the school
4. Convincing arguments for the teacheras role in the curriculum
5. The value of music creativity in the curriculum
6. Practical examples link to theories
7. Some background. Research-based, information as well as some practical examples of how creativity in music is integrated into the curriculum

Using New South Wales k-6 creative arts syllabus
Using APA 6 edition