Reativity, Play and Learning (Arts in Early Childhood Education)

Module Task 1.2 Reflection
Reflection: Describe 2 different classroom experiences: one in which your creativity and/or freedom to play was extended and the other in which you believe it was crushed or limited. Describe the context clearly and briefly, analyzing what it was about the setting, the teacher s actions or voice, or the resources, that promoted or limited your creativity.

Note: Take into account the need for creative teachers to allow children to make mistakes, to allow open possibilities, and to encourage risk taking.

Maximum word count: 350 words. (Keep your reflection brief and to the point. You should write in the first person:  I was& .my experience&  )

P.S. When I was young I attended public school(Malaysia) and please keep 2 experiences within 350 words and currently, doing distance learning with Australia. Thank you cos I cant even remember my arts teacher at all. Hope this work and Ive more assignment to come.