Red Bailey An Innocent Abroad(1) Exam case study

The Trimester 3 Examination Period for GSBS6007 is Thursday 29th November 12:00 am AEST to Wednesday 5th December 11:59 pm AEST, 2012. Submission is through Turnitin.
Your final exam is an analytical case study Fred Bailey: An Innocent Abroad”. Please refer your Student Manual: Case Studies (pp. 62-67). There is no word limit. However, if you adopt a systematic approach and follow the case study guidelines, you will by necessity focus your analysis to your determination of macro issue(s) and briefly identify micro-issue(s). Remember, be concise and keep to your plan. This case study has four (4) questions to consider. You should integrate your responses to these four questions in your analysis.
Importantly, The purpose of assigning case studies is NOT to prompt students to research the Internet for information about how the company actually handled the situation, but to hone your skills in assessing the situation and developing your managerial judgement in determining recommendations and a plan of action. (p.62). The Internet contains many references to this case in various forms/versions. However, you are required to analyse this case from an international human resource management perspective and based around the four questions provided. The assessment criteria for the Examination-Case Study Analysis can be found in this Blackboard section.

GSBS6007 Managing Human Resources in International Organisations
Examination-Case Study Analysis Marking Rubric

Criteria Percentage
a? Understanding and presentation of case studyas background, key issues and summary.
a? Individual analysis of IHRM issues identified.
a? Linkages to applicable IHRM theories, concepts, and case examples. 20
a? Development of managerial recommendations and identification of decisions illustrated by the case. Be specific and relate back to theories and concepts. 20
a? Overall quality of report presentation (spelling, grammar, appropriate referencing and clarity of written communication). 10
Total: 100