Redibility of Business Negotiations Between the U.S.A. and China

As many sources needed to complete the paper can be used. I pick 5, but it depends on the quality of information that can be located.

General Instructions on Research Paper

1. Credibility in business negotiations between Chinese and the United States

2. Sections A, B, and C should be 4 pages long

3. A list of References used from high quality academic management journals.

Each section should be labeled as follows.

A. Chinese view of credibility in business negotiations

B. U.S. view of credibility in business negotiations

C. Summary of both views on credibility

The paper should address the cultural similarities and differences between the U. S. and the chosen country, and address the way that these cultural similarities/differences affect doing business in the chosen country.

The paper should focus strictly on culture and should not stray into areas of political, legal, or economic issues UNLESS they are clearly and explicitly related to culture. It is expected that a managerial perspective be used and that the paper will explicitly explain how each cultural similarity and/or difference influences management practices.

Papers must be prepared according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (Fifth Edition, ISBN: 1-55798-791-2).


Below is a short list of high quality academic management journals for your reference.

Academy of Management Journal
Academy of Management Review
Administrative Sciences Quarterly
Journal of International Business Studies
Advances in International Comparative Management
Journal of Management
Journal of Organizational Behavior
Organizational Studies
Organizational Science
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
International Labor Review
Journal of International Business

Below is a short list of high quality professional management journals for your reference

Academy of Management Executive
California Management Review
Harvard Business Review
Organizational Dynamics
Sloan Management Review