Redit Agricole a a multi-channel mutual bank

1.Analyse the problems Pauline and Louis encountered.
2.How would you solve these dysfunctions?
3.Based on this example, what can you say about customer satisfaction in a multichannel context?

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the report should include these 7 points. Product element: Place and time:Price and user costs:Promotion and education: People: Process: Physical evidence.

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I answered Q2 accounting to six Ps. Whether the question one also need according to six Ps?
A. For Q1, you need to answer according to 6Ps so use each p as headings. Q1 you should not copy and paste from the case study, but you need to summarise problems under each P.

Q. First of all, in this report, I think some of the problems are similar.
A. Some of the problems can be similar, but it is up to your analysis. For example, Barnard said that it was system, and therefore, he canT help Pauline. You may analyse this problem as system failure which belong to Process how you deliver the product/service to customers, or you may see it as lack of customer service which is part of Product. You can state the problem in the either P or both if you wish. The important part is the next question, because the recommendations will be depend of the analysis of the problem. Certainly, your recommendation to system failure and lack of customer service will differ.

Q. The report can be used the first person to write it? For example, the second question is How would you solve these dysfunctions. So when I writing the report, it is I suggest … or Bernard should …
A. The best way to write the report is to use passive voice. For example, rather than I or Barnard suggest, you can write, it could be suggested that …., or the problem can be solved by …..

Q. In the report, shall I give an example or an evidence after each point? Because I just put one evidence on the paragraph now.
A. The second question asks you to recommend some solutions to the problem you find in question 1. Therefore, if you can back up your recommendations with some evidence, so if you can supply references to your recommendations, you make your argument stronger. In order to do so, you need some readings. Good books are recommended in the module handbook. Without references, you are only recommending with what you think without any evidence to suggest it will work. However, it is very difficult and need hard work to supply references to every single recommendation, so try to back up with references as much as you can.

Q. I could not understand what I would write on Question 3.
A. Q3 is asking to assess the level of customer satisfaction in the case study. Customer satisfaction is a comparison between expectation and actual service received, so that if you expected better service than the one you actually received, you are likely to be dissatisfied. On the other hand, if you expected less than the service you actually received, you are likely to be satisfied. In Ch 9 lecture, I explained 5 dimensions of customer satisfaction, and the gap model. You need to look up Ch 9. In order to answer Q3, you need to discuss the level of customer satisfaction in the case of Pauline and Louise using the theory.

Q. Could you please tell me that MKT3322 Assessment 1 reportS format need to add Contents and Introduction? Or according to your report format completely?
A. There is no need to add anything. You will just have to answer the 3 questions.